1. The strict control of raw material costs

We selected materials approach, we will use the material spectrum analyzer view their material composition makes no meet our requirements.

2. To adjust the physical properties of the material

After initial processing of the workpiece, and then the transfer of heat treatment, adjusting the workpiece hardness of heart to the design requirements, the use of Rockwell (Rockwell) hardness of the workpiece hardness testing machine, metallographic microscope (Optical Microscope) observation of microstructure of materials, reuse Vickers (Micro Vickers) microhardness test machine the workpiece surface nitride layer hardness distribution to ensure that the physical properties of components designed to meet the needs of reducer, filter, in line with the design of components.

3. The high-precision processing technology and equipment

Subject to stringent quality control process after manufacture of semi-finished, in order to achieve the design requirements of products, at this stage, we use the most advanced precision machining equipment, such as Mazak multi-axis machines, Studer grinders, LOPENZ slotting machine, LIEBHERR hobbing machine, etc. will achieve our design to meet consumer demand for high-precision gearhead functional requirements.

4. The strict size requirements

To block gauge, ring gauge, air gauge, gauges and other than the right type geometry of the workpiece implement quality control, the use of CMM 3D dimensional measurement equipment, testing workpiece roundness, runout and total runout degrees, round tube, flatness, straightness, squareness, cone, parallelism and other geometric tolerances, can measure all the gear tooth per tooth, to detect the pitch and error.

5. The careful design of comprehensive surface treatment

Gearbox surface using chemical nickel-plating to the surface thermal performance improvement, more quickly resolve the excess heat, reducing the temperature rises because of the various components deformed, causing errors. Motor mining anodized plate, protective element to avoid internal oxidation, improving the corrosion resistance to the environment.

6. Gear manufacturing process and advantages

The gear surface subjected to ion nitriding treatment (Plasma Nitriding), with a low amount of deformation, the advantages of high precision, high surface hardness of around 840Hv, sports gear needed when providing abrasion properties. The gear core hardness adjusted to 30Rc moderate toughness can be obtained, so that the gear has a surface wear resistance and impact resistance core part and increase gear life. Take the high-tech interdental tooth trimming technology allows smoother engagement with detachment, reduce noise and heat generation.

7. Product assembly and testing

After a series of each component quality control, the precise assembly, finished goods and then be tested, measured its backlash and other performance specifications in order to ensure the quality of our products has been maintained in appearance when in the best condition.